Alpha Cancri Rosemary Oil

Designed for thinner, less dense hair types; the Rosemary Hair Oil is made with Rosemary Essential oil (known for its regenerative properties) and formulated to hydrate and add shine without weighing hair down.

Containing Clary sage and lemongrass; which combat dryness and dandruff, while the Lavender Essential Oil ingredient helps to condition hair. Argan Oil is added for its antioxidant properties and Jojoba oil for its vitamins known to strengthen hair. These lightweight oils along with Avocado oil, are the base oils used to dilute the essential oils and give extra added moisture and shine to hair.

Only a few drops are needed on dry hair to give it a healthy shine. Apply on wet hair before your routine or after, before drying, to help lock in the oil and add a layer of heat defense. Apply to the driest parts of your hair or all over, leave to soak in for as long as you like and continue with your shampoo and conditioner.

All Alpha Cancri products are handmade in London.


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